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Greg Curtis Open Mic - On "Using Coupons on a First Date"

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Greg Curtis took the streets to find out how women feel about dating men who use a coupon to pay on a first date.

Ready for your big date? Your night is planned, you’re dressed up sharp, and you’ve got a wallet bursting with cash. No? Money’s tight these days. Good thing you’ve got a coupon for a big discount!

Perhaps you’re not entirely comfortable with the idea?

While it’s always great to save money, can you really get away with using a restaurant coupon on a first date? Will she think you’re cheap? Or will she admire your financial savvy?

Surprisingly, opinions ran pretty high on this topic! Listen to what others had to say and then share your thoughts. 

credit: Tucson's at Work Station, Soft Rock 94.9 MIXfm
caption: Greg Curtis Open Mic - On "Using Coupons on a First Date"

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