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Border Patrol Agent Roberto Heredia on Honoring our Heroes

Tuesday, Oct 09, 2012

Honor Southern Arizona First Responders on Heroes Day!

The Southern Arizona community is invited to say ‘thank you’ to first responders for the work they do all year long as part of Heroes Day 2012 on Oct. 18.
In its fifth year, the annual event recognizes law enforcement officers, firefighters, paramedics, Border Patrol agents and other first responders who work to keep the community safe and help citizens in times of crisis.

Border Patrol Agent Roberto Heredia, will be honored during the Heroes Day celebration on October 18th.  Agent, Heredia used his former military training and firefighter training to hike tretcherous mountain terrain near Nogales, AZ to rescue a man who was lost. Agent Heredia located the man, provided him with first aid and he and his partner carried the man out of the mountains. When asked why? Agent Heredia said "Ultimately, we are both human beings and he was in desperate need of some help."

Read more about Heroes Day here.

credit: The Bobby Rich Morning Mix
caption: In his own words: a Border Patrol agent's treacherous immigrant rescue.

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