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Cody's Friends. Serving homeless animals and neglected children

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Our Community Partner this month is "Cody's Friends"

Cody Allen did a report on John F Kennedy in the 5th grade and read this quote, “Ask not what your country can do for you…but what you can do for your country.”

Cody wanted to help his country…so he started a charity called Cody’s Friends.
Since 2010, Cody has been working hard the first Saturday of every month.
People leave a donation out on their front porch, Cody and his mom drive by, and he picks up the donations. Then he hand delivers them to local no-kill animal rescue groups and places that serve children in need.
The no-kill groups work to save dogs and cats that are about to be euthanized. Cody collects pet food, new and used collars, leashes, bowls, beds, crates and anything else that animals need.
He also collects for children in need.  Those donations go to places that serve children and teens.  He collects clothing, toiletries, bikes, toddler beds, strollers, and more.

Cody often brings home things like beds and strollers to clean them up before donating them, as you can see in the photo gallery on his website.
A law firm in Tucson offered to make Cody’s Friends a 501c3! This is complete except for the determination letter, which should arrive this month.  However, all donations to Cody’s Friends are now tax-deductible.
Cody’s Friends can pick up donations or people can make online donations through his website.  To schedule a donation pick up, they simply message him through his Facebook page or fill out the donation pick up form on the website..

For more information visit Cody's Friends, online at

Cody's Friends radio PSA  

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