How did YOU meet your significant other?

We received a LOT of great letters. Who knew Tucson was filled with so much romance and serendipity!

Our judging panel read each and every email, then narrowed them down into three groups, from those groups MIXfm listeners chose the winners.

Here are the three winning entries:

Pamela - “Mr. One Leg Peddler”

I had been single for about five years. I was quite athletic and not finding many men who enjoyed bicycling, hiking and running. One Saturday morning I headed out toward Saguaro East National Monument for a run. (But) I got a late start, it was getting hot, so I decided to mountain bike instead. While riding up steep Freeman Road a cyclist ahead of me was peddling with one leg.

Unusual. I was catching up to him when another cyclist pulled over to the shoulder with a flat tire. “Mr. One Leg Peddler” and I both stopped to help. After our good deed we started out again, together. “Mr. One Leg Peddler” was recovering from knee surgery and trying to strengthen his leg. We found we were both heading for the same dirt trail in the park. We stopped under the Ramada at the park entrance to share our history. He thought the scar on my elbow from a mountain bike fall was "cool". Then we rode through the park, discussing our dogs, hiking, politics, religion and kids.

It was "love at first bike". Our first date was a long lunch that next week. We were married 18 months later under the ramada at Saguaro East. That was 18 years ago. We combined our existing families so we have 6 children, 11 grandchildren and a million beautiful memories of our time together in this paradise named Tucson.

Barbara – “Secret Subway Romance”

I lived in Queens, NY and traveled on the subway into in NYC where I worked. On this day, I happened to board the “A train” at the 2nd stop instead of the 1st stop. I didn’t know which way the train would be coming from. There was only one other person on the platform so I asked him which direction the train would be coming from and walked in the direction he pointed to.

He walked that way too and when we boarded the train he sat down next to me. He did not say one word to me during the entire 45-minute train trip. When I got up to get off at my stop he said “see you tonight Barbara.” He had not asked my name or address BUT he showed up at my door that night. On the train, I had been reading a magazine that I received in the mail so he had seen both my name and address on the mailing label. We were married a year later, divorced 4-years after that , and we both remarried.

Fast forward 43 years, our spouses died within the same month. After reading on Facebook that my husband had died, he sent me his condolences. We e-mailed for a few months almost every day and soon after, decided to meet. He got off the plane 9/28/11 and we have been together ever since.

Traci – “Handsome Man at the Golf Tournament”

Divorced for ten years, I was a single mom raising twins (sports, homework, taxi etc), working full-time...I really had no time for myself or time for a significant other, for that matter. Eleven years ago (the twins with their Dad for the weekend), I was awakened by a phone call from a friend on Saturday morning...she needed my help at the PGA Golf Tournament manning her booth. I had no plans for the weekend and thought I would help my friend out.

My girlfriend and I both noticed a very handsome man going past the booth over and over. Sunday comes around and my girlfriend wakes me with a call AGAIN, she said "hurry and get over here, that handsome guy just came by the booth and wants to know if you are going to be here today, I told him you would be". Fine! I got up reluctantly and headed to the golf tournament. He came back around, asked if we could have coffee, and we agreed to meet. That’s when I found out my father and I had met this man before . . . (it was prior to my Dad's passing), but even then Dad had noticed that there was chemistry between this man and me.

We had our first date at a Jazz Festival at La Encantada, and six months later he proposed, my family was now complete. April 1st 2017 will be our 11 year anniversary and we are still going strong. I can't help but think my Dad played some role in us finding one another.

 Each of our winners received roses courtesy of Mayfield Florist, dance lessons for two at Shall We Dance, and date-night dinner for two at The Living Room (La Encantada).

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