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The Morning MIX presents, signs your cat owns you

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If you're unsure who's in charge at your house, you ... or your cat ... the Morning MIX has several proven signs to watch out for as indicators that your cat owns you.

... (and is that really such a bad thing?) :-)

1. The cat eats what the cat wants to eat: Be honest: How many different types of cat food have you presented to your feline friend, only to have him turn up his tiny little nose at it?

2. You don't move the cat, ever: You are an owned human if you regularly work around your cat, wherever that happens to be.

3. You just keep buying cat toys: Your cat plays with them for only a minute before he grows bored, yet you still keep bringing home toys.

4. There's a cupboard full of cat stuff: Because felines can be finicky about pretty much everything, you have a cupboard filled with a wide variety of cat brushes, nail trimmers, treats, and various and sundry other "failed" attempts to charm your cat with tender loving care.

5. Your phone is full of cat photos: How many cat pictures you have versus how many of human family members can be perhaps, the best indicator of whether or not you are owned by your cat.

6. You maintain multiple water sources: Why should your cat have to walk all the way downstairs to get a drink of water?

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