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Bobby Rich

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Bobby Rich was born -- This came as a big surprise to his parents, Marge & Howard, who thought they were getting a puppy.   And to his sisters, Marcia & Jan, who thought they were The Brady Bunch. 

Did you know?

Bobby got started on the radio when he was 14. He just kept doing it because (in his own words) ... "I love what I do and I DO what I LOVE!"

He loves Tucson. He came here in 1992 and never left. The rest of the story is long and not really all that fascinating. However... if you really want to know more information than anyone would ever need, click here.

If you're a broadcaster, a wanna-be broadcaster or just a really weird person -- read this really long article in broadcast publication Inside Radio; click here.

Tucson, AZ

Few Clouds
Few Clouds
SW at 14 mph

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