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Mrs. Grant

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Mrs. Grant is a Tucson native, born and raised right here in the beautiful Old Pueblo.  She's a mom to 2 wonderful, very active kids; daughter Mackenzie, and son Jeremy.

Mrs. Grant came to work at MIXfm in March of 2003 after applying for the job as morning show administrative assistant 3 times. The first time was in 1998, again in 2000 but the 3rd time was a charm in 2003. Now, Mrs. Grant is the "soccer playing, zumba dancing mom" on the Morning MIX.

Did you know?

Mrs. Grant's favorite way to pass time is hanging out with her friends and family. She likes to barbeque and invite friends, family and/or neighbors to her house to eat, swim and just kick back and catch up for hours. She loves to be outdoors, and her idea of a great vacation is camping for a couple days somewhere in Arizona or on the beach in California.

Okay, time for the answer to the big question “Why Mrs. Grant?” The simple answer is she had the same first name as someone else on the show so, to limit confusion we needed her to use another name on-air. One day after the show, while returning a phone call to the nurse at her daughter’s school, it happened... As soon as the words, “Hello Mrs. Anderson, I am Mrs. Grant, Mackenzie’s mom,” left her mouth we knew it was the perfect choice.  She IS Mrs. Grant.



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