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Leslie Lois

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Leslie graces the MIXfm airwaves with her upbeat personality on Saturday nights.

Leslie likes to have fun and listen to good music! She enjoys working out, sleeping, pool parties with friends, BBQ'ing, relaxing in the hot tub with friends and karaoke (though she's the first to admit that doesn't neccesarily mean she's any good!) Oh, and vacation!

Did you know?

A native of Milwaukee, Leslie is a HUGE fan of the Green Bay Packers and can often be seen wandering the MIXfm hallways in her Packers jersey on game days. She also follows the Milwaukee Brewers and the Wisconson Badgers.

Though she's originally from Milwaukee, Leslie has been a desert dweller since 1999. Her family is all back in Milwaukee, including three nieces that she adores. But, Leslie loves Tucson, and her friends here and in Phoenix, that she considers her "family."

Shoot her an email or look her up on Facebook to say hello - and be sure to let her keep you company every Saturday night on 94.9 MIXfm!

Tucson, AZ

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