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Who handles what at MIXfm?

Programming takes care of the music and the deejays — everything you hear on the air except commercials

Sales is responsible for all the commercial advertising, and also is the place to write if you want a great job as an account executive for MIXfm

Promotions is in charge of all the fun & games, contests, prizes, and special events

Management handles the operation of the radio station — policies, procedures, money, employees. Anything that would give a normal person a headache. A good place to start if you have a complaint, or if you want to come work for us.

Other ways to contact MIXfm:

KMXZ Radio
7280 E. Rosewood Street
Tucson, AZ 85710

Business phone:
(520) 722-5486

On-air studio phone:
(520) 546-0949

Traffic Hotline
Call to report traffic issues in the greater Tucson area
520-721-CARS (2277)

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