Back the Blue

Join Scripps Media and our local business partners and 'Back the Blue' in support of local law enforcement in Tucson.  
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Every day, police men and women wear their badges and risk their lives to protect and preserve our community. This dedication takes a toll on them, as well as their families.  
Throughout the summer, we ask you to join us in showing our appreciation for their commitment and thankless work by helping to raise funds to provide critical lifesaving equipment such as bullet proof vests, new technology and training for Tucson police officers.
Help us protect those that protect our community.  Stop by one of the participating local businesses to pick up a “Back the Blue” ribbon and “Thank A Cop” bumper sticker to show your support and please consider making a monetary donation to the Tucson Police Foundation.
Without Blue  Published on Sep 2, 2015
Without Blue, an original song by Terry Sweet. In the midst of the violence against law enforcement, we all need to consider the obvious question, What would life in our community be like Without Blue?"

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