Signs You May Have Rheumatoid Arthritis

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Do you experience pain in your hands while doing nothing? Do you get a tingling sensation in your fingers from time to time? You may have arthritis and not even realize it. Here are some signs to look out for if you are considering visiting a doctor about your symptoms.

Sign 1: Swelling/tenderness in small joints of the hands and feet: Can be slow to progress and occur over months and weeks or can literally occur overnight, causing someone to wake up with these symptoms. Untreated, the symptoms – which include stiffness and pain – will last several hours. Activity can improve this. Bilateral: occurs on both sides.

Sign 2: Unexplained weight loss. Losing weight without loss of appetite.

Sign 3: Dry mouth/dry eyes. There can be associated antibodies which attack the glands that produce the tears and saliva.

Sign 4: Inflammatory eye conditions. The inflammatory process can affect various portions of the eye and this can cause inflammation and discomfort.

Sign 5: Breathing issues. The rheumatoid inflammatory process can affect lung function and this can be categorized by progressive shortness of breath.


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