Meet Christopher "Kit" Osgood this week's Ben's Bellee!

Kit was nominated by Victor Hightower

Meet Christopher “Kit” Osgood week's Ben's Bellee! Kit was nominated by Victor Hightower for his selfless advocacy for the underserved in Tucson and beyond. Kit is a tireless advocate for the underprivileged and underserved in our community, and has a special place in his heart to serve widows, children and the imprisoned. He considers himself blessed to lead a life of philanthropy, and shares regularly with a variety of causes: homeless shelters of Gospel Rescue Mission (GRM), the Sunnyside (School District) Foundation, St. Rita in the Desert Church, a local prison fellowship, the American Indian College Fund, Doctors Without Borders, Amnesty International, and World Animal Protection USA, Coalition for Compassion and Justice in Yavapai County. Kit also played a significant role in the building of GRM’s much-needed Women and Children’s Center, and the new Yavapai Territorial Mission in Prescott. He’s even purchased homes for the two widows of childhood friends, who were in need. Kit enjoys serving at GRM’s Thanksgiving and Christmas Street banquets, and hosting retreats with his wife at their home in Vail for St. Rita’s in the Desert Church. He does all this on top of his busy schedule as a published novelist, poet, and gardener. Kit continued support of the underserved has helped make Tucson a better place! 



Ben's Bells promote kindness and community.

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