Meet Colin Holmes this week's Ben's Bells Bellee!

Colin was nominated by Monique Laraway

Colin was nominated by his partner of 8 years, Monique Laraway for his generosity, selflessness, and empathy. Colin has worked for multiple non-profits in Tucson, including BICAS and El Grupo, to ensure that at-risk youth and adults have the resources they need to feel empowered to keep riding and lift themselves up. He has been a coach and tutor for El Grupo for years and has even helped some of the graduates obtain laptops, bikes and, in one case, a car, all for free. He has also recovered 7 stolen bikes (for strangers) in the past year, sometimes putting himself at risk (though he's learned his lesson). After working in the bike industry for the past 8 years, Monique has never heard of anyone else who has had such success and passion.

Colin is a man of many trades almost to a fault. He's often asked to fix things and he never says no or asks for its true value; because he has the skills to help and knows how it is to live with little money and limited resources. Colin even has a computer science degree but chose to work with nonprofits. He would rather help the community than be rich.

It is wonderful to be able to recognize Colin Holmes for his endless work and contributions to our Tucson community!

If you know someone who spreads kindness within the Greater Tucson or Phoenix community, nominate them for a Ben's Bell! []

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