Meet Diane Arnold this week's Ben's Bells Bellee!

Nominated by the Corpus Christi Quilt Ministry

Meet Diane Arnold this week's Ben's Bells Bellee! Diane was nominated by the Corpus Christi Quilt Ministry for her compassion, empathy, and generosity. A busy, loving mother of three, grandmother of two, Diane co-founded the Quilt Ministry at Corpus Christi Catholic Church in 2010. It has grown from eight to over twenty-five members, from all over the Tucson area. The group’s mission is to provide quilts and other items to those in need, knowing that a quilt can provide comfort to someone who is sick, lonely, struggling, or suffering a loss. Under Diane’s quiet and gentle leadership, the group has lovingly made quilts, receiving blankets, Christmas stockings, pillowcases, bead bags, animal beds, and custom-made isolette covers for two neonatal intensive care units in Tucson hospitals. Thirty-seven quilts have been donated to individual charities for their raffles. Quilts for a Cause, Beads of Courage, Tucson Medical Center, St. Joseph’s Hospital, Strauss Manor, Stand Up for Kids, Tucson Metro Ministry and a US Army Special Forces Unit in Jordan have also been beneficiaries of Diane’s dedication to providing others with the “hug” of a homemade quilt. Diane has an amazing charismatic gift for inspiring new and seasoned quilters to work beside her in accomplishing so much. She is the epitome of intentional kindness!

If you know someone who spreads kindness within the Greater Tucson or Phoenix community, nominate them for a Ben's Bell![

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