Meet Dr. Raymond Grapp this week's Ben's Bellee!

Dr. Graap was nominated by Dr. Keith Kabak

Meet Dr. Grapp this week's Ben's Bellee! Dr. Raymond Graap was nominated by Dr. Keith Kaback for beening the volunteer Medical Director of Clinica Amistad for the past 6 years. The clinic is a completely free clinic, staffed by volunteers and providing medical care to members of the Tucson community who would otherwise receive no care at all. I am a volunteer physician at the clinic, and have seen first-hand Dr. Graap's dedication to the clinic and the patients it serves. He devotes countless hours directly to the patients and to the administrative functions of the clinic, allowing the clinic to improve and expand its services despite its limited resources.

Ben's Bells promote kindness and community.

Every Friday morning at 8:30 the Morning Mix teams up with the Ben's Bells Project to salute a person who betters Tucson! Each weekly recipient is "belled" (and joyfully celebrated!) as a unique individual who shares their kindness with our community. Visit or call 628-2829 to nominate a special person you feel should be recognized for their kindness and caring.

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