Meet J Bridal Boutique this week's Ben's Bells Bellee!

Nominator: Valerie Ballesteros

Valerie Ballesteros nominated J Bridal Boutique for making her aunt’s wedding dream a reality.

After receiving some devastating news about her cancer, Valerie’s aunt had to move her wedding up to July 7. Only having three weeks to plan everything, Valerie called J Bridal to see if they would possibly have anything in the right price range that could be bought off the rack. J Bridal squeezed the family in and Valerie’s aunt found a dress. After all was said and done, they donated the dress to her aunt and told her to use the money towards any alterations. Then J Bridal called the seamstress told them the situation and the seamstress only charged for material. J Bridal truly made a dream come true and put a smile on Valerie's face.

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