Meet Jennifer Ely this week's Ben's Bellee!

Jennifer was nominated by Scott and Michelle Morga

Meet Jennifer Ely this week's Ben's Bellee! Jennifer was nominated by Scott and Michelle Morgan for establishing a school fundraising campaign that brings joy to children who are hospitalized during the holidays. 

Jennifer started the event in 2014 after witnessing how being in the hospital for Christmas impacted her cousin and our family. The campaign collected donations to provide gingerbread house kits to patients at Diamond Children’s. She continued the campaign in 2015; donations doubled over the prior year, and many students donated toys as well. 

2016’s third annual event was another record-breaker - nearly $900 in cash contributions, plus donated toys. Donations were used to purchase additional gifts; in total, 170 gifts were delivered to Diamond Children's for the hospital’s “2016 Toy Store” – an opportunity for parents to select gifts for their sick child and his/her siblings, without worrying about the expense or leaving the hospital to shop. That’s an incredible accomplishment for a teenager and student body of 216! 

Jennifer also volunteered at the Toy Store on Christmas Eve, organizing and wrapping gifts. 

Knowing the Toy Store’s impact on Tucson families, Jennifer trained St. Augustine High School’s National Honor Society to carry on this tradition of kindness after she graduates this Spring.


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