Meet Laura Elmore this week's Ben's Bells Bellee!

Laura was nominated by Sophia Franklin

Laura was nominated by her daughter, Sophia Franklin for her generosity and kindness!

Laura moved to Tucson from California in August to help Sophia with her children. Her support eased Sophia’s stress so that she could focus on going back to school.

Additionally, when it was raining and cold in Tucson, Laura opened her home a gentleman experiencing homelessness. Not only did invite him to stay, but she also treated him like a member of her family. Laura consistently picks him up and brings him home to rest and shower. She also takes him to get a hot meal and talk.

Laura Elmore's generosity and kindness are most appreciated!

If you know someone who spreads kindness within the Greater Tucson or Phoenix community, nominate them for a Ben's Bell!   []  

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