Meet Shawn Sanchez this week's Ben's Bellee!

Shawn was nominated by Dawn Gerhart

Meet Shawn Sanchez this week's Ben's Bellee! Shawn was nominated by Dawn Gerhart for the relationship he has with a particular student at the school. The student is a special needs child who has made great strides in her physical capabilities and the encouragement that she receives from Mr. Shawn has been very impactful to that end. Mr. Shawn will visit her during the school day to see how she is doing and he will greet her and her mother in the morning and help mom push the student’s wheelchair into her classroom. The student had major surgery and was unable to attend school for a couple of months and Mr. Shawn along with her teacher went to visit her at home to see how she was doing. He made several visits to her home while she was recuperating.


Mr. Shawn epitomizes love, respect and encouragement and he demonstrates this everyday with the students at Coyote Trail Elementary but none more so than with this special student with which he has bonded. Mr. Shawn is preparing to pursue other opportunities at the end of February and both students and teachers have asked him not to go. He will be truly missed as an integral part of the operation of the school but mostly as an encouraging and caring friend to one and all.


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