Meet Xiao Glahn and this week's Ben's Bellee!

Xiao was nominated by Sruti Bandlamuri and Zoe Som

Meet Xiao Glahn and this week's Ben's Bellee! Xiao was nominated by Sruti Bandlamuri and Zoe Sommerville for her passion for women’s rights and her dedicated work with The Outpatient Project. Xiao Glahn persistently exudes kindness. She is involved with a community-based initiative monikered The Outpatient Project (TOP), which is dedicated to providing a loudspeaker to marginalized voices for all topics health. Xiao, the Technical Director of TOP, has interviewed countless women from Texas to Canada, connecting with them in a way that helps them feel comfortable enough to share their internalized perspectives. And more importantly, Xiao’s compassionate exchanges with the people that she’s interviewed have led many to admiringly comment on her benevolent demeanor. Her passion for women’s rights have fueled her deep involvement with Teen Court, HOSA, and National Honor Society. She's lived in Tucson for only 3 years, yet she has been interning for a year at the University of Arizona Leadership in NeuroDevelopmental Disorders program (LEND). Xiao has also helped her mother by serving as a model and providing therapy for autistic children for over a decade. But much more than her academic accomplishments is the fact that Xiao has touched the lives of over 50 women. She has helped some come to terms with mental health struggles, and for others she has served as an invaluable listener. But more than her crucial contributions to teenage and women’s mental health, Xiao Glahn has been a wonderful friend

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