What's something most Millennial's do at least once / week?

QUESTION: Millennial’s are known for a lot of things.  What's something most Millennial’s do at least once / week?

ANSWER: Snack instead of eating a real meal.


According to a new survey, a whopping 92% of Millennial's eat a snack instead of having a regular meal at least once a week.

50% of respondents said they eat a snack instead of a meal about four times a week, and 26% said they do it up to seven times a week.

Why all the snacking? 39% said they're too busy to sit down and eat a meal and 17% “can’t be bothered to cook a meal.”

The good news: Millennial’s aren’t snacking on junk food. Instead, they're snacking on clean, organic, unprocessed foods. 

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