Saying Goodbye to Guy Atchley, KGUN9 News Anchor and Friend to Tucson for 34 years

Guy Atchley is retiring from KGUN9 On Your Side

The week he retired, KGUN9 News Anchor, Guy Atchley joined Greg and Mrs. Grant for a few laughs, a few tears (almost) and a lotta good stories.

Guy Atchley's Two Heads...

Listen to more of Guy Atchley, as heard on 94.9MIXfm, with Greg & Mrs. Grant:

50 years in the business, radio to TV to photography, Guy Atchley has some stories to tell (click below to listen)



Guy Atchley plays "News Guy True or False" with Greg Curtis and Mrs. Grant on 94.9MIXfm (click below to listen)



Guy Atchley shared some of his favorite memories of working at KGUN9 (click below to listen)



Guy Atchey plays the "Country Song or Country Wrong" game with Greg and Mrs. Grant (click below to listen)






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