Tucson Woman Finishes Second in the 2018 Boston Marathon

Sarah Sellers Works at Banner UMC

Tucson, AZ - Who is Sarah Sellers? That seems to be the question people are asking after she took 2nd in the 2018 Boston Marathon.

Many people have said Sarah Sellers came out of nowhere because she has not been on the marathon running circuit. In fact, her college track and field coach, Paul Pilkington (Weber State University) told Greg & Mrs. Grant that Boston was just Sarah's second ever marathon!

Her first was seven months before in Utah, where Sarah finished #1 which qualified her for the Boston Marathon Elite Group. (LISTEN: Coach Pilkington talks with Greg & Mrs. Grant)


Greg & Mrs. Grant caught up with Sarah Sellers the morning after her rock star performance at the Boston Marathon. (Click below to listen to their conversation now):




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