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  • Monday, February 24th

    QUESTION: Despite it running strongly in some families . . . scientists say there is no genetic reason this happens. If it happens in your family, it’s just a coincidence. WHAT IS IT?     ANSWER: Having...Read More
  • Wednesday, February 19th

    QUESTION: In these divided times it’s kinda odd when we can agree on anything. But there’s at least ONE thing about 70% of us are sick of. WHAT IS IT? HINT: Most of us here in Arizona...Read More
  • Friday, February 7th

    QUESTION: February might be the month of love, but not for everyone. Nearly a third of people say they didn’t end a failing relationship as soon as they should have. What kept them hanging on?   ANSWER:...Read More
  • Thursday, February 6th

    QUESTION:  Not many people like it, but that doesn’t keep it from it happening.  Most of us experience this about 8 times every month.  What is it? ANSWER:  Bad hair days.  Most people have 96 of them...Read More
  • Tuesday, February 4th

    QUESTION: Even though it shouldn’t be a big deal, almost 2/3 of us don’t want THIS to happen, because it can be embarrassing . . . what is it? ANSWER: When someone drops by unannounced, because our...Read More
Tues. Dec. 10
QUESTION: 63% of Americans were willing to admit they’d done this before, even though they felt kinda embarrassed about it.  What is it?
(HINT:  It’s nothing you choose intentionally).
ANSWER:  We’ve fallen for an online scam.
Mon. Dec. 9th
QUESTION:  You might have seen someone doing it this past weekend (when you were driving around).  Triple-A says 44% of us aren’t safe when it comes to . . . WHAT?
ANSWER:  Transporting the Christmas tree properly.
Fri.  Dec. 6th
QUESTION:  Job interviews are STRESSFUL.  And no matter how good your resume, doing THIS puts you at a disadvantage with the hiring manager.  What is it?
ANSWER:  Wearing orange.  (Hiring managers say it makes you look unprofessional.  Most say blue is best).
Tues. Dec. 3rd
QUESTION:  It can happen at anytime, but especially during the holidays and 62% of us think we’re awesome at . . . WHAT?
ANSWER:  Gift-giving. 
Weds. Nov. 27th
QUESTION:  With Thanksgiving tomorrow (and Christmas not far behind) . . . don’t be surprised if one of your relatives or friends shows up unannounced or uninvited.  A new survey finds that’s the MOST annoying thing a guest can do.  What’s the SECOND most annoying thing a houseguest does?
ANSWER:  Snoop around! 
Tues. Nov. 26th
QUESTION:  Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude, a time for family and a time for . . . ______________.  What else do 1 in 5 people experience during Thanksgiving?
ANSWER:  Food poisoning. 
Tue. Nov. 12th
QUESTION:  1 in 5 people say they DO NOT want this as part of their holiday gatherings this year . . . what is it?
ANSWER:  Pumpkin pie.  21% of people can’t stand it!
Fri. Nov. 8th
QUESTION:  90% of women want their partner to be ______________ .
ANSWER:  Taller!
Thur. Nov. 7th
QUESTION:  According to a new survey, the worst thing you can do at a party is show up SICK.  Nobody likes that.  What’s the SECOND worst thing you can do at a party?
ANSWER:  Ask for food, or a type of drink that isn’t already out.
Tue. Nov. 5th
QUESTION:  About 65% of us get one or more of them . . . but most of us don’t keep them forever.  What are they?
ANSWER:  Wisdom teeth!  (About 35% of people never get them).

Mon. Nov. 4th

QUESTION:  More than half millennials will do it on Black Friday . . . and that’s more than any other group/demographic.  What will they do (this November 29th)?

ANSWER:  Shop a brick and mortar store!


Fri. Nov. 1st

QUESTION:  42% of people who own one of these say they’ve considered giving it away?  What is it?
ANSWER:  Their pet.  🙁
Weds. Oct. 30th
QUESTION #1:  Women can do anything, but 1 in 5 prefer letting someone else do at least this ONE particular thing.  What is it?
ANSWER:Remove / kill a spider!

QUESTION #2:  What’s the second most popular thing women would rather have someone else do for them?
ANSWER:  Take out the trash!

Thur. Oct. 31st
QUESTION:  Most people didn’t use to worry about it, some were pretty happy about it . . . but now, most think there are just about too many ___________ .   Too many what?
ANSWER:  Streaming services.  70% of us think we’ve nearly reached the point of having too many! 
Tues. Oct. 29th
QUESTION:  ((Now that Halloween is just a couple days away, we can start talking about Christmas  ;-)) . . . A new survey on Christmas gift-giving finds that most of us (9 out of 10) will _______ our gifts, before we give them.  What are we doing?
ANSWER:  Researching online to make sure we’re getting a good deal. 
Mon. Oct. 28th
QUESTION:  Only 11% of your fellow co-workers say they’ll never do this to you.  Everyone else admits they already have or they probably will . . . do what?
ANSWER:  Make you sick.  (Just 11% of people say they always take a sick day when they have cold / flu symptoms. 
Fri. Oct. 25th
QUESTION:  According to a new survey, 50% of parents say their kids have asked them to do THIS, and most Moms and Dads, said it was hard for them.

ANSWER:  Put down their phones.  (7 out of 10 admitted it was difficult, because they’re addicted to their devices)

TUES. OCT. 22nd
QUESTION:  A new survey asked people who date online, what lies would bother them the most when they finally met the person in real life.  Men said if they were “a lot older than they claimed,” that would bother them.  Women agreed that lying about age was the number-one disappointment.
What was the SECOND most irritating thing for women who online-date to find out about the person when they meet for the first time?
ANSWER:  If he’s a lot shorter than he described.
Mon. Oct. 21st
QUESTION:  What’s the number-one outing or event that makes you feel like a real grown-up?
ANSWER:  A wedding.
Thur. Oct. 17
QUESTION:  It’s something we’ve all probably dealt with at one time or another . . . and a THIRD of us have ended our relationship after a disagreement over _____________.
ANSWER:  Household chores.  (Someone’s always doing more than their fair share)!
Wed. Oct. 16
QUESTION:  56% of us have hidden THIS from our family or friends, because we were embarrassed about it.    What is it?
ANSWER: An impulse purchase.  (gadgets, shoes, vacations, video games, etc., etc.) 
Tue. Oct. 15
QUESTION:  When it comes to wedding registries, what’s the number one item couples DIDN’T ask for, but WISH they had?
ANSWER:  A Roomba!  (robotic vacuum)
QUESTION:  People say work causes them the MOST anxiety . . . what produces the 2nd most anxiety?
ANSWER:  Social gatherings.  
TOP 5 (in order)
1.  Work. 
2.  Social gatherings.
3.  Money.
4.  Health issues.
5.  Conflict with others.
Thurs. Oct 10
QUESTION:  Sometimes a little alone-time can be a good thing.   What do 68% of us now LOOK FORWARD to doing this by ourselves?
ANSWER:  Eating. 
Thur. Sept. 26
QUESTION:  Guys will average 23 minutes per day . . . for Women, it’s 68 minutes a day.  DOING WHAT???
ANSWER:  Meal preparation!  (Women still do the majority of household cooking)
Tues. Sept. 24
QUESTION:  A busy life means that convenience is an important thing.  But it’s not the ONLY thing.  Most of us say we’ll drive 2 miles out of the way to get THIS.   What is it?
ANSWER:  Better coffee!
Mon. Sept. 23
QUESTION: What’s the NUMBER-1 life skill Moms and Dads worry their kids won’t have when they’re older?
ANSWER:  How to deal with stress.  (29% said they’re worried their kids won’t have the emotional skills to deal with tough situations).
Thur. Sept. 19
QUESTION:  67% of parents say there are just too many of THESE, these days.  (Too many WHAT)?
ANSWER:  Summer vacation days! 
Wed. Sept 18th
QUESTION:  A new survey asked people rank the most annoying minor inconveniences or, “first world problems.”  The number-one answer?  A spotty internet connection.  What’s the second most annoying little inconvenience?
ANSWER:  Calls from unknown numbers or telemarketers.
Tues. Sept 17th
QUESTION:  About 25% of adults say they haven’t done THIS . . .
ANSWER:  Started saving for retirement.  (Hopefully we win the Mega-Millions)?
Thur. Sept 12:
QUESTION:  1 in 8 people said THIS is more stressful than going to JAIL.  What worries them more?
ANSWER:  Moving!  (Even more people say it’s worse than a job interview, or planning a wedding).
Weds. Sept 11
QUESTION:  Researchers at the MAYO CLINIC say people who want a better night’s sleep should bring THIS in their bedroom.  What is it?  
ANSWER:  A dog!  The researchers found that many people actually find comfort and a sense of security from sleeping with their pets, no matter their size or who much they move around at night.
Tue. Sept 10
QUESTION:  Even though it can’t help you lose weight . . . sniffing a little of THIS makes us feel thinner, and also ups our self-esteem!  Which scent does that?  
ANSWER:  Lemons!  Versus the scent of vanilla which reminds us of sugar (cookies, ice cream) which make us feel heavier and more out of shape than we really are.
Mon. Sept 9
QUESTION:  43% of us have eaten the same thing for all three daily meals, before.  What is it?
ANSWER:  Breakfast.  (Eggs, sausage and toast are the three most popular breakfast foods)

Fri Sept 6:
QUESTION: Football is back! 38-million of us will do THIS at least once this NFL season . . . what is it?
ANSWER: Bet on a game.



Thur Sept 5:
QUESTION: A new survey finds our patience is shorter than it used to be. Most people say they’ll only wait about 20 seconds FOR THIS . . . before they start to lose their patience. What is it?
ANSWER: We’ll wait 22-seconds for a movie or TV show to start streaming. (After that, we get a little perturbed).


Wed Sept 4:
QUESTION: Doing THIS can make you appear less successful, confident and likable than everybody else. What is it?
ANSWER: Taking and posting too many selfies! (Meanwhile, people who pose for pics that OTHERS take, seem more confident and more likable).


Tues Sept 3:
QUESTION: What do 54% of workers say they’ve tried doing to better their situation at work?
ANSWER: Swap salary information. Learning what your co-worker makes could help you better understand your value in the workplace. Or it could just make you miserable.


Thur Aug 29:
QUESTION: You may be all grown up, but are you an ADULT? If you can do THIS grown-up task you’re more “adulty,” than 72% of your peers. What is it?
ANSWER: Changing a tire. (Just 28% of us say we can do it)


Wed Aug 28:
QUESTION: We’re kinda wasteful . . . in fact, most Americans are guilty of wasting about HALF of . . . this. What is it?
ANSWER: Vacation time. Americans use only 54% of our allotted days off before they expire.


Tues Aug 27:
QUESTION: For the first time in 30 years, fewer high school students are doing THIS. What is it?
ANSWER: Playing or participating in sports! (Especially football / basketball)


Mon Aug 26:
QUESTION: GUILT is everywhere . . . most of us feel it all the time. 43% of us say we specifically experience guilt over THIS. What is it?
ANSWER: Canceling plans. (But most also said they feel a sense of relief).


Fri 8/23:
QUESTION: A new study says 91% of us feel at least a little burned out at work. Workers say THIS is the number-one reason. What is it?
ANSWER: Constantly being interrupted. We can’t get anything done!


Thu 8/22:
QUESTION: 65% of Millennials, say they won’t go see a doctor unless he or she has _____________.
ANSWER: A website.


Wed 8/21:
QUESTION: A new study says having kids will make you happier than if you don’t have children. And the big moment the happiness really starts to kick-in is when your kids _________.
ANSWER: When the kids move out!


Tue 8/20: Celebrating Tucson’s 244th birthday with a three part question:
QUESTION: You might be from Tucson, IF…
a) You can name the city’s mayor…
b) You know our famous landmark nicknamed the White Dove of the Desert…
c) You know in which month our kids take rodeo vacation…


Mon 8/19:
QUESTION: A recent survey found the average person is willing to spend about $29,000 on this, if necessary. What is it?
ANSWER: Personal info if hacked. Most people said they’d be willing to spend just over $29,000 to get back stolen passwords, social security numbers, and medical records if it would keep the info off the black market.

Fri 8/16:
QUESTION: Close to 25% of Moms and Dads say doing THIS has slightly damaged their relationship with their children . . . what is it?
ANSWER: Back-to-school shopping. 23% of parents say it “has at least somewhat damaged their relationship with their child.”


Thu 8/15:
QUESTION: Americans love a good bargain. Close to 75% of us like to keep it cheap when it comes to buying . . . WHAT?
ANSWER: Sunglasses


Wed 8/14:
QUESTION: 40% of us say we need it more than COFFEE, when taking time for a vacation . . . what is it?
ANSWER: Netflix


Tue 8/13:
QUESTION: It’s the number-one thing guys think will make them attractive to women, but women say it’s a turn-off. What is it?
ANSWER: Not paying for dinner. (Some guys think their date wants to exhibit her independence, but she just thinks he’s cheap).


Mon 8/12:
QUESTION: We never get as much time off as we’d like, and most of us spend 35% of that precious vacation time doing THIS. What is it?
ANSWER: Celebrating other people’s milestones! (Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, births of their children . . . etc).