Ten-After Trivia


Weekday mornings at 8:10, Greg + Mere ask, you answer for fun and prizes!


Thur. Sept. 19

QUESTION:  67% of parents say there are just too many of THESE, these days.  (Too many WHAT)?

ANSWER:  Summer vacation days!  

Wed. Sept 18th

QUESTION:  A new survey asked people rank the most annoying minor inconveniences or, “first world problems.”  The number-one answer?  A spotty internet connection.  What’s the second most annoying little inconvenience?
ANSWER:  Calls from unknown numbers or telemarketers.

Tues. Sept 17th

QUESTION:  About 25% of adults say they haven’t done THIS . . .

ANSWER:  Started saving for retirement.  (Hopefully we win the Mega-Millions)?

Thur. Sept 12:
QUESTION:  1 in 8 people said THIS is more stressful than going to JAIL.  What worries them more?
ANSWER:  Moving!  (Even more people say it’s worse than a job interview, or planning a wedding). 

Weds. Sept 11

QUESTION:  Researchers at the MAYO CLINIC say people who want a better night’s sleep should bring THIS in their bedroom.  What is it?  
ANSWER:  A dog!  The researchers found that many people actually find comfort and a sense of security from sleeping with their pets, no matter their size or who much they move around at night.
Tue. Sept 10
QUESTION:  Even though it can’t help you lose weight . . . sniffing a little of THIS makes us feel thinner, and also ups our self-esteem!  Which scent does that?  
ANSWER:  Lemons!  Versus the scent of vanilla which reminds us of sugar (cookies, ice cream) which make us feel heavier and more out of shape than we really are.
Mon. Sept 9
QUESTION:  43% of us have eaten the same thing for all three daily meals, before.  What is it?
ANSWER:  Breakfast.  (Eggs, sausage and toast are the three most popular breakfast foods)

Fri Sept 6:
QUESTION: Football is back! 38-million of us will do THIS at least once this NFL season . . . what is it?
ANSWER: Bet on a game.

Thur Sept 5:
QUESTION: A new survey finds our patience is shorter than it used to be. Most people say they’ll only wait about 20 seconds FOR THIS . . . before they start to lose their patience. What is it?
ANSWER: We’ll wait 22-seconds for a movie or TV show to start streaming. (After that, we get a little perturbed).

Wed Sept 4:
QUESTION: Doing THIS can make you appear less successful, confident and likable than everybody else. What is it?
ANSWER: Taking and posting too many selfies! (Meanwhile, people who pose for pics that OTHERS take, seem more confident and more likable).

Tues Sept 3:
QUESTION: What do 54% of workers say they’ve tried doing to better their situation at work?
ANSWER: Swap salary information. Learning what your co-worker makes could help you better understand your value in the workplace. Or it could just make you miserable.

Thur Aug 29:
QUESTION: You may be all grown up, but are you an ADULT? If you can do THIS grown-up task you’re more “adulty,” than 72% of your peers. What is it?
ANSWER: Changing a tire. (Just 28% of us say we can do it)

Wed Aug 28:
QUESTION: We’re kinda wasteful . . . in fact, most Americans are guilty of wasting about HALF of . . . this. What is it?
ANSWER: Vacation time. Americans use only 54% of our allotted days off before they expire.

Tues Aug 27:
QUESTION: For the first time in 30 years, fewer high school students are doing THIS. What is it?
ANSWER: Playing or participating in sports! (Especially football / basketball)

Mon Aug 26:
QUESTION: GUILT is everywhere . . . most of us feel it all the time. 43% of us say we specifically experience guilt over THIS. What is it?
ANSWER: Canceling plans. (But most also said they feel a sense of relief).

Fri 8/23:
QUESTION: A new study says 91% of us feel at least a little burned out at work. Workers say THIS is the number-one reason. What is it?
ANSWER: Constantly being interrupted. We can’t get anything done!

Thu 8/22:
QUESTION: 65% of Millennials, say they won’t go see a doctor unless he or she has _____________.
ANSWER: A website.

Wed 8/21:
QUESTION: A new study says having kids will make you happier than if you don’t have children. And the big moment the happiness really starts to kick-in is when your kids _________.
ANSWER: When the kids move out!

Tue 8/20: Celebrating Tucson’s 244th birthday with a three part question:
QUESTION: You might be from Tucson, IF…
a) You can name the city’s mayor…
b) You know our famous landmark nicknamed the White Dove of the Desert…
c) You know in which month our kids take rodeo vacation…

Mon 8/19:
QUESTION: A recent survey found the average person is willing to spend about $29,000 on this, if necessary. What is it?
ANSWER: Personal info if hacked. Most people said they’d be willing to spend just over $29,000 to get back stolen passwords, social security numbers, and medical records if it would keep the info off the black market.

Fri 8/16:
QUESTION: Close to 25% of Moms and Dads say doing THIS has slightly damaged their relationship with their children . . . what is it?
ANSWER: Back-to-school shopping. 23% of parents say it “has at least somewhat damaged their relationship with their child.”

Thu 8/15:
QUESTION: Americans love a good bargain. Close to 75% of us like to keep it cheap when it comes to buying . . . WHAT?
ANSWER: Sunglasses

Wed 8/14:
QUESTION: 40% of us say we need it more than COFFEE, when taking time for a vacation . . . what is it?
ANSWER: Netflix

Tue 8/13:
QUESTION: It’s the number-one thing guys think will make them attractive to women, but women say it’s a turn-off. What is it?
ANSWER: Not paying for dinner. (Some guys think their date wants to exhibit her independence, but she just thinks he’s cheap).

Mon 8/12:
QUESTION: We never get as much time off as we’d like, and most of us spend 35% of that precious vacation time doing THIS. What is it?
ANSWER: Celebrating other people’s milestones! (Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, births of their children . . . etc).