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The Most Annoying Workplace Jargon

What goes through your mind when you hear workplace phrases like: “let’s circle back,” “get the ball rolling,” “on my radar,” or “let’s pivot”? Well, if you’re like most of today’s workers, you probably wish we could skip all that workplace “jargon,” and just say what we mean, In fact, according to a new survey of 15-hundred office workers, a whopping 90% said that when they hear someone using jargon, they assume the speaker has no clue what they’re talking about! 

So, what are the most annoying workplace jargon phrases? “Think outside the box” was hands-down the most hated phrase, with 1-in-4 workers saying they’d prefer hearing someone say “be original.”
Then, 23% of workers say they’re confused why anyone would say “let’s circle back” instead of just saying, “let’s discuss that again later.”
And 1-in-5 employees said they wish we’d all stop saying “stay ahead of the curve” at work!

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