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Rob & Joss In The Morning

Yep! We’re married to each other, and we work together! We know…super weird. A lot of people ask us how we do it. We’re not sure what the secret is – other than humor. We laugh together a LOT and make it a point to make each other laugh. So, it’s humor…and coffee. 

 We love what we do too. The chance to communicate with you – MIXfm’s awesome listener, see you in the community, play awesome music, chat about fun things and again – laugh – makes us so happy. 

 When we’re not working, you’ll find us around Tucson checking out the AWESOME restaurants (favorites include Guadalajara’s, Dove Mountain Brewing Company, Noble Hops and Wildflower). You also might find us taking a walk in one of our beautiful parks like Honeybee Canyon Park or Arthur Pack Regional Park. 

 Joss’ parents live in Tucson too! So,  a perfect Saturday is Joss going out to shop with her mother and Rob and Joss’ dad having a poolside beer.

 When we’re at home, we’re  hanging out with our two cats Hector and Berkeley while we listen to music and cook up a great meal. 

 We’re SO excited to be a part of 94.9 MixFm, so if you see us around Tucson, please come up and say “hi!”


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Rob's College of Hollywood Knowledge

Can you beat Rob at his own game? It’s Rob’s College of Hollywood Knowledge weekday mornings at 7:45 with Rob and Joss! You’ll get to kick Rob out of the studio and Joss will ask you five Hollywood Questions. Rob comes back in and gets the same five. You get more right, you graduate! But, even if you don’t beat Rob, you STILL get the prize!