Marty Bishop

On Air: MONDAY to FRIDAY -- 09:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Weekdays 9AM – 12PM
Marty Bishop can often be seen out-and-about at MIXfm events, recording with his iPhone and editing on the fly, serving as our modern day reporter (of sorts.)

His efforts are amazingly successful, especially when you consider how quickly and easily he creates each of his videos.

Marty has his own YouTube channel here where you can see video of MIXfm events and staff and pretty cool ‘behind-the-scenes’ footage of the folks at Journal Broadcast Group.

Marty has been the ghostwriter and creative consultant for Park Avenue Publishers since 1995 and is in discussions for a possible tenth book for next year. Interesting fact: All these books were written as a woman. A sassy, sassy woman.

Marty has made hundreds (if not thousands) of commercials, and currently serves as the Production Director for Journal Broadcast Group, Tucson Operations.